The NANO TWIN FLASH System delivers Double-Flashes with short delay times for Particle Velocimetry Measurements, Deformation Processes or similar research efforts. The system consists of the Control Unit and the Lightsource, mounted on a platform including 2 Flashlamps focussed into one liquid lightguide.
The Double-Flashimpulse is started at the Triggerinput (TTL or Contact) of the Control Unit. The 1. Flash ingnites without delay, while the second one ignite after a preselectable time.
For adjustment, the internal pulsegenerator delivers a 10-30 Hz Flashfrequency on Lamp I or II.

Technical Data:

* Powersupply 220 V/ 110 V
* START Trigger Input TTL or Contact
* Internal Flashgenerator 10-30 Hz Frequency
* Digital Delay Adjusting 1µs-999ms in 1µs / 1ms Steps
* 2 NANOLITE Flash mounted on Platform
* 2 NANOLITE pointshaped Sparkflashlamps
* Flash halfwidth time t=20ns

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