Doppelblitzaufnahmen Kavitation

Double exposure image of Cavitation



Streaming direction: right to left

Medium: Water
Nozzle dimensions: w=200µm, l=1mm
Pressure: 32 bar

Flash delay: 600ns
Flash duration: 20ns

The highlighted parts are the nozzle edges and the edges of the cavitationfield.
Apart from these areas, the double-illuminated particles can be clearly located in two positions of their flow.
(red circles indicate these two positions, violet circles indicate dirtparticles, which return in every image).
In the shown images, velocities of 67 to 80m/s were measured.

These images were taken with the Nano Twin Flash system.

Olaf Genge
Lehrstuhl für Technische Thermodynamik
RWTH Aachen