Illustrative Examples taken by our Customers with our Products

Text in some cases in german language but will be translated soon!

pdf files from our customers

  Ablation/Laser   Break processes   Cavitation    Cryogen Spray
     Electrode Welding    Engine Research   
        Flocculation Processes   Fuel Preparation  Lavalnozzle
  Ink-jet printhead   Material Testing   Mass Transfer   Microheater
  Nozzle Injection   Nozzle Injection 2   Nozzle Injection 3  Nozzle Injection 4 
 Schlierenpictures  Schlierenpictures 2  Schlierenpictures 3   Supersonic Phenomena


If your research area is not specified here, please contact us and we will provide you with info-material about our systems in the requested research area.