Monoflash 6/300

The MONOFLASH 6/300 is a high energy flash system for single flash operations. It combines a high energy output of 6 joule wih a short halfwidthtime of 300 ns.

It consists of a control unit, that works as power supply and monitor, and a triggerable flash unit. The HV-Control gives the option to switch the high voltage on or off through an external signal. With the Survey (red - plus / black - minus), it is possible to monitor the high voltage charging of the flash unit. The Sync Out delivers a 4,5V signal with a negative flank in the moment, the flash ignites. That gives the possibility to monitor the exact moment of the flash. Frontalillumination and shadowgraphy/schlieren photography are the main areas in which this flash system can be used.

Technical data

Power supply: 115 V 60 Hz / 230 V 50Hz
Triggering: External by pos. 10V pulse (Rise time <1µs, duration >200ns, at least 2V at 50 Ohm, not more than 20V)

Basic delay between trigger input and flash: t = 400 ns
Electrical energy:	6 Joule
Flash duration: t = 300 ns