Nanosecond Cold Light Flash Generator

designed for flashing rates up to 10 kHz or 20 kHz with flash lamps for motion analysis of very rapid events or very small objects, as e.g. 

Droplets and liquid jets

Formation of bubbles

Material fracture analysis

Schlieren photography of shock waves

Microscopic illumination of heat sensitive objects.

The event may happen at any unknown time, as e.g. the breakage of a test rod or the tearing of the thread in the sewing machine. With the MINISTROBOKIN generator the NANOLITE lamp illuminates an object field of approximately 50mm dia. and filled with Xenon up to 100mm dia. The illuminated object area is much greater by making shadowphotographs. 

For single flashes or short series operation a normal photo camera can be used. If longer flash series are necessary, the drum camera STROBODRUM or other High-Speed Cameras should be used. The STROBODRUM camera operates in the standby mode at constant peripheral speeds up to 100m/s and can be loaded with 35mm as well as with 16mm films. 

The MINISTROBOKIN system consists of 

  • The basic MINISTROBOKIN generator to operate the NANOLITE flash lamp on external triggering up to 20 kHz, or the FX-Xenon flash lamp (10kHz), and for synchronized flash operation with high-speed cameras;
  • internal frequency variably adjustable between 5 and 50Hz, and single flashes
  • Three optional plug-in units for the trigger and control of:
  • - Pulse repetition rates 1Hz - 10/20kHz, digitally adjustable 1s - 100µs
  • - Digitally adjustable pulse burst lengths 100µs - 1s

For example-pictures please visit the following pages.  

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