Company History

After over 40 years of activity, the product area highspeed photography of the company Impulsphysik F. Fruengel was taken over at the beginning of 1991 by the enterprise High-Speed Photo-Systeme (HSPS). This transfer ensured a smooth transition in the areas consultation, service, manufacturing and selling to our customers. As an exclusiveright successor HSPS advanced since then the development of the existing systems, like the NANOLITE technology, particularly within the area of the digital image capturing.

By extensive preliminary tests in our application laboratory we are able to make test accommodations without large expenditure of time in your institute at the objects which shall be examined, so that you are in shortest time in the possesion of a usefulness predicate concerning our systems in your range of application. Due to our operational readiness level for many decades in research and development we can fall back to an extensive wealth of experience in each scientific discipline in most diverse institutes.

Our team looks forward to analyze your problem and offer you a suitable system in order to achieve a satisfying result for both sides. We are
only content, as soon as our systems lead you to outstanding results and we accompany you also further with possible problem modifications solutions, because we think, that you as a researcher do not have to invent the wheel again , if a process engineering problem already occured and was solved by other users of our products.