If you are scientist or researcher in an area where you have to deal with fast processes, we like to introduce to you maintenance-free and lowcost flashlight- and highspeed camera-systems with shortest exposure times and highest quality with many references worldwide.


Our bestknown product is the unique NANOLITE sparkflash lamp with exposure times down to 5ns.
 Our company produces and distributes highspeed photography systems for motion analyses in physical, chemical, medical and biological engineering areas. Our products range from low cost professional single shot sparkflash units with down to 5 ns flashduration, up to high end products with 10 Million frames per second.


Particles in µm-size, frame delays in micro- and nanoseconds, exposure times down to 5ns, and immediate response to any inquiry.

And of course Prices, which allow todays Universities all over the world to be supplied with highest quality.